Zdeblick Residence

One of our earliest landscapes still looks amazing.


Steve & Holly Girbach

  • Multi-level patio with 4 different pavers
  • Front Entry Walkway
  • Sandstone Steps
  • Sandstone Steppers
  • 18-36″ Fieldstone Retaining Wall
  • SMA Crushed Gravel Walkway
  • Four Season Landscape Planting
  • Ornamental & Evergreen Trees
  • Transplanting
  • Custom Deck (future plan)
  • Bulk Material Installation w/ Hardwood Mulch
  • Lawn
Paver Styles:

Copthorne ~ Burgundy

Courtstone ~ Basalt

Brussels Block ~ Sandstone Half

Brussels Dimensional ~ Sandstone

Brussels Fullnose ~ Sandstone

The Petersen residence turned out to be one of our favorite projects. It was actually started right after Halloween in 2009. The original landscape included an old deck with an incorporated hot tub. Our main challenge was actually the lack of accessibility due to the slope that their house was built into, but as with every landscape we do, we found a way.