Girbach Residence

Country patio compete with chicken coop.


Steve & Holly Girbach ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Multi-level patio with 4 different pavers
  • Front Entry Walkway
  • Sandstone Steps
  • Sandstone Steppers
  • 18-36″ Fieldstone Retaining Wall
  • SMA Crushed Gravel Walkway
  • Four Season Landscape Planting
  • Ornamental Trees
  • Transplanting
  • Custom Deck (future plan)
  • Bulk Material Installation w/ Hardwood Mulch
  • Lawn
Paver Styles:
  • Brussels Block ~ Coffee Creek Half Main Pattern
  • Brussels Block ~ Coffee Creek Standard Main Pattern
  • Brussels Block ~ Sandstone Sailor Course
  • Brussels Block ~ Limestone Soldier Course

The Girbach residence was a great experience for us because the Girbach’s came up with a revision to the design that really made it perfect. The original design did not include the old chicken coop as seen in the images. While the main patio stayed as designed, the firespace patio location was moved at their suggestion to really complete the connection between the house and the coop. This is an example of a patio space being integrated into the existing land shape. They have a significant slope away from their house to the coop and it was only natural to incorporate some stone retaining walls and separate the patio spaces to follow the grade. One of the greatest parts about this landscape project was the tremendous finishing they did with a fairy garden and the great old fashioned garden elements that really accentuate the old fashioned natural feel of their old farmhouse.