Burchyett Residence

One of our original clients


Mike & Shane Burchyett

  • 1000 square foot patio with staggered natural edge
  • Front Entry Walkway
  • Paver steps
  • Sandstone Steppers
  • 18-36″ Fieldstone Retaining Wall
  • Stonehenge style seating benches
  • Four Season Landscape Planting
  • Ornamental & Evergreen Trees
  • Transplanting
  • Irrigation system
  • Bulk Material Installation w/ Hardwood Mulch
  • Lawn
Paver Styles:

Stonehenge ~ Coffee Creek (Cobble)

The original patio space and landscape was installed in 1996. As their family grew, so did their interest in outdoor living. The original patio was removed and upsized to a more modern paver with much more space. New paver benches and steps were installed on this supersized patio system. The entire landscape was renovated other than the original trees which were performing as well or better than expected. That Beech is finally coming into it’s own!