New Products

While our suppliers typically update a small amount of their product line, we are continuing to add new suppliers and unique materials to our line. This year we are providing Techo-Bloc pavers as well as new products from Rosetta Stone Products.


We are please to offer a new service to our clients in landscape maintenance. While we design all of our landscapes to be low maintenance, there is always something that could stand some fine tuning. We will come out and take care of any of your maintenance needs including mulching, weeding, cleaning and even watering.


On top of our already excellent staff we are planning to add several more positions to improve our time frames for installation as well as improving our customer service.

Office, Shop, & Yard Updates

For the last three seasons we have worked to improve our office, shop & yard setup in an effort to improve our client experience when you come to visit us.

improved Techniques & Materials

While it’s easier to stay with what you know, we are constantly on the lookout for better materials to increase the value and longevity of our service & the products we install.

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