You have discussions about what you want it to look like, drawn up a plan, build it, and review the construction once completed. Other than maybe finishing the basement, you pretty much have to do it all at once and make modifications later if you decide to change anything. Often you settle for less in order to maintain your budget or spend twice as much money to replace something at a later date.
One of the many great things about building a landscape is that you can do it in stages. Of course there are pieces of the project that you will want to do before others. You wouldn’t want to put plants in an area where a new walkway will be going because you’ll just have to pull them out to do the walkway. However, creating a landscape to fit your overall budget is just part of the process. We can also help you to install a landscape according to a plan that might take several years to create.
We usually recommend having a design drawn up for installation within the next five years or so. Any plans taking longer to install should really be conceptualized as part of a plan to create within the next 5 years. Often styles change, different plants become available, new paver styles are created and other materials and methods are often developed.

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