It all starts with a  phone call.

When you call in to discuss our services, we will ask you several questions about your wishes and needs as well as contact and location information.

The Meeting.

Most of the time we will need to visit your site to see exactly what you have to work with. Sometimes it is possible to get some basic and general ideas of our styles, services and pricing over the phone, but keep in mind they will be very broad until we arrive at your site. With this face to face meeting we will typically discuss design and pricing in more detail to make sure you are comfortable enough to take the next step.

The Next Step.

Design. There are several design options and situations that we won’t discuss here, but to see our design options, please click here. Designs typically take an average of two weeks to complete and review with you, but if you have specific needs or time frames, please  discuss this with your designer.

The Good Stuff.

The construction process will typically begin within a month of the commitment to install the project. Spring projects may take longer and summer projects may go a little earlier. The construction process is very invasive, but any specific information and requests can be discussed in advance. There is a wide range of time frames to complete the installation of a landscape project, but the average job takes about a week to complete.

Fine Tuning.

Once your project reaches the last day of installation, we will send out a specific crew to do the fine tuning and cleanup of the project. Any materials left on site will be removed and your home and project will be thoroughly cleaned and finished.


Most every project we install involves a review by your designer. We prefer to meet with you to discuss any questions about the project or maintenance to ensure your complete satisfaction. Often times there are a few loose ends that need to be completed and upon completion of the review, we will once again send out the clean up crew to tie things up for you.

What about the payment?

Once we are sure you are 100% satisfied with our service we will typically send out and invoice within a week of completion of your project.


That is always our goal. Your project is not complete in our eyes until you are.

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