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Do we charge for estimates?

All our theme updates are available in your ThemeForest.com profile for free: simply redownload it in “Downloads” tab.

At the first step we advise you to rename your current theme folder to something like: …/wp-content/themes/dt-THEME_NAME-old/. It will help you to save custom changes of the template.

At the next stage you need to install the theme in the usual way.

Do we charge for consultations?

No, we do not charge for a consultation. We use the consultation as a way to get to know you and your home to discuss plans for moving toward your goal of creating a spectacular landscape. If you wish to have us to come out to discuss ideas and plans for your own information, we will ask a nominal $100.00 fee for our time.

Do we charge for designs?

Yes and no. Our philosophy is that many people just need to get an estimate to have work done. In our business, for designs that take less than two hours to complete with an estimate, we do not charge a design fee. For designs that take more than two hours, we do charge a nominal $200.00 fee for any design that you would like us to propose for work.

How do I care for my landscape?

Please see our section on care and maintenance for suggested maintenance.

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