Design is such a subjective artistic endeavor. It can be challenging to find something you love when you don’t even know what you can do.
Our style as a company is really about being fun and comfortable which is a lot like the landscapes we install. The are meant to be functional, exciting and joyful to utilize. The way we create these spaces is really a combination of your interests and needs as well as our experience as designers and craftsmen.
To us, creating a landscape is not about just making it look pretty, it’s about creating a comfortable environment that will grow with you and your family. Often this comes with a price, but not a monetary price. A price of high maintenance, spaces that are outgrown and products that don’t stand up to our climate. Not with us. One of our core design principles is to create for longevity. This starts with the design and never ends.

Design or Design

There are obviously many different ways to design and build a landscape within the design but depending on what you hope to accomplish with your design may dictate the style of design we create for you.

Artistic Style

The artistic style of landscape design and construction is the style we prefer to design with. With a design in this style we still draw to a scale, but when we take site dimensions we don’t spend a lot of time measuring tree locations, soil grades, or non key elements. The benefit to this style of design is not only a savings in the design fee, but more artistic freedom as we are installing the project. As we are installing your project, we do follow the design but it becomes more of a guide for our team to create. It also allows us to make adjustments on site as we see the project develop. Sometimes we will see something as we are installing the project that we think will add to your landscape. Other times we may run into an obstacle that will require an adjustment to the design but it typically doesn’t affect an artistic design as elements can easily be adjusted. This type of design does require a regular review of the site to make adjustments as needed.

There is typically not a cost involved with this design style because the design can be created much more quickly and most adjustments can be made prior to installation or on site. Our designer is typically on site every day as part of our service so there is no need for additional charges.

Engineering Style

The engineering style of landscape design is much more technical than the artistic style. Measurements are taken of most all site elements. Exact measurements are taken of the homes elements that will be located around the landscape and elevations are taken to create the complete to scale design of all subjects within the new landscape area to be created. Usually this type of design does not require any adjustment on site and is typically installed without the regular assistance of a designer on site as it is not needed. This type of design can take hours on site for measurements and days to complete the design to the exact standards.

This type of design has a cost associated with it which typically ranges from $300.00 – $2,000.00 depending on the anticipated hours on site and in design. This design approach is often used when a client prefers to settle on one design with a designer and have several companies bid on the project for installation. It is also used when a client prefers to install a landscape project on their own.

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