Dedicated Customer Service Team.

This year we have added a crew specifically to fine tune and maintain our clients landscaping. The idea is to have a crew dedicated to not only improving our final product but responding more quickly to customer needs and maintenance.


We are please to offer a new service to our clients in landscape maintenance. While we design all of our landscapes to be low maintenance, there is always something that could stand some fine tuning. We will come out and take care of any of your maintenance needs including mulching, weeding, cleaning and even watering.

Design Software.

This year we are implementing a new CAD software called Vectorworks to improve our design presentation to give you a better understanding what we plan to do for you. This new software will also shorten the time before you receive your design.


On top of our already excellent staff we are planning to add several more positions to improve our time frames for installation as well as improving our customer service.

New Location

We are in the process of relocating our main office to Chelsea Michigan at exit 159 on the south side of Chelsea. More room to grow as well as better infrastructure to show you our products on site. A more efficient shop space and bulk material storage will allow us to deliver bulk materials and maintain efficiency to keep costs down.

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