With a little time and a lot of thought, the design phase is a breeze.

The design is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Each of our designs are custom tailored to your home and are unique works of art. We are a specialty landscape design and construction firm and we don’t do cookie cutter. The design process is not necessarily a complicated one, but there are many aspects that we will confer with you about in order to make sure we are heading in the right direction with your interests and budget. If there are many elements to your design, we will often do what we call a preliminary design. This will be done with a basic layout of critical elements and should give you a good idea of which direction you may want to go as well as a general budget for your project. Once your design is complete, we will arrange an appointment to review the design and give you a final detailed price for your work that will not change unless you make changes to the plan.

As your project develops during construction, we will often see ideas to improve your landscape or unforeseen challenges and discuss them with you as well as any price adjustment that may be involved. This is why as a team, we consider the design to simply be a guide to the overall project installation. Some of our best work had changes made during the process and often with our homeowner involvement.

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Our design philosophy is one of creating outdoor spaces similar to your favorite areas inside your home or office. Your outdoor space is an important part of the living space at your home. Trees become ceilings, shrubs turn in to walls, and patios become your floors.

The Anatomy Of A Great Design

All of these features are incorporated into every design we create for our clients.

  • Function ~ Your desired use of your space.
  • Seasonal Interest ~ Incorporating plantings for year-round interest & color.
  • Maintenance ~ A selection of materials that will match your interest and skill in maintenance.
  • Environment ~ Compliment the style of your home and environment.
  • Spaces ~ Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home.
  • Longevity ~ Creating a space that will only get better with age.
  • Value ~ The perfect balance between what you get and what you pay for.

We take pride in our services and provide every customer with an experienced and professional landscape consultation and an artistic, creative, and functional landscape design.

Plant Material

Specifically designed and meticulously installed to minimize maintenance and enhance the beauty of your home.

Brick Paver Systems

Walkways & Patios are just a couple of the elements that we create with concrete brick pavers.

Natural Stone Products

We incorporate a large variety of natural stone products to give you the natural beauty of mother earth.


We offer many creative solutions to help make those Marshmallows a joy to toast.

Outdoor Kitchens

Extend your kitchen into the outdoors. Create a great grill & bar combination to add a little flair to your outdoor grill.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most exciting things you can do to extend the beauty and use of your home well into the night.

Wood Structures

Decks & Pergolas are a great way to get some wood.


Specifically designed and meticulously installed to minimize maintenance and enhance the beauty of your home.